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About Me

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Hello, I’m Scotte. I’m an award-winning teacher, speaker, writer, and explorer.

But I got off to a bit of a rocky start. Surviving a violent, abusive father, dropping out of school, losing friends to prison, suicide, and overdoses, and overcoming my own addictions to drugs and alcohol, I was redeemed through the love of friends, family, and colleagues. I went on to an MFA, a quarter-century of teaching science and writing, a forty-year marriage, and raising two thousand and two kids. And because I owe so much to love, I became fascinated by it! 
Pursuing that mission, my wife, Toni, and I have ridden 100,000 miles by Harley on our Journeys to Love research project, seeking the nature and meaning of love in diverse places, cultures, disciplines, and lifestyles across the country, blessed by encounters with leading minds in science, the arts, faith, and spirituality along the way.
Journeys to Love has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, USA Today, Westword, indy college radio, and through my PRX radio program, Love Is History. A TEDx speaker and regular podcast guest, I’m also the author of the upcoming book, A Map of Souls: The Quest for Love’s True Story.

Humans yearn for connection, significance, and purpose, yet the answer to each is already within us, all the time: Love.


With a fuller understanding of love's nature and purpose, educators, helping professionals, and researchers are empowered to transform lives, fuel their purpose, and deepen their connections.

- Teachers and educators discover how to weave love into their work with intention, inspiration, and purpose, forming deeper relationships with students, parents, and colleagues and revealing the essence of their high calling.

- Helping professionals (counselors, therapists & psychologists, faith/spiritual leaders, social workers, healers, and coaches) transform and expand their understanding of love in human development, relationships, and wellness, inspiring them to make more profound connections and outgrow compassion fatigue, mission creep, social resistance, and other challenges to serving and helping others.

- Researchers and seekers capture a new and profound understanding of the role of love in consciousness, the interdisciplinary bonds of science, philosophy, and faith, and the oneness of humanity.


Speaking Topics

For Educators

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Loving to Learn: Renewing The Teaching Spirit And Building Teacher/Student Relationships.

Teaching and learning face new, evolving, and existential challenges - yet their answer is right in front of us, available in every moment. We learn best from the people we trust and believe in - those we love. And we teach best those to whom we are devoted and who help us fulfill our purpose - those we love.


Loving relationships are the key to deep-rooted teaching and learning. We can intentionally and purposefully build and strengthen those relationships by understanding love, how it forms our bonds, and how it breaks down the barriers to education.


And the best news? In doing so, we constantly renew our love for teaching and, with it, help our students truly discover their own love of learning!

For The Helping Professions

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Love in Practice: The Heart, Science, and Soul of Healing Professions

For helping professionals, emotional burnout, high caseloads, limited resources, ethical dilemmas, and boundary issues can become overwhelming. And improving the human condition one life at a time seems like mere drops in the ocean. But the answer to meeting these challenges is already within us and shared between us, boundless and always available! By drawing on diverse research, experience, stories, and cultures, this presentation reveals a unified vision of love's nature and role in our lives, work, and world and how to bring it to bear with purpose and intention.


A fuller understanding of the profound power of love nurtures our hearts and souls, allowing us to truly connect, share our burdens, and navigate the complexities of the high calling of helping and serving others with grace and understanding, ultimately transforming the challenges faced by helping professionals into opportunities for growth and healing.

For Researchers & Seekers

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The Ultimate Reality: Unlocking Love's Origin, Nature, and Purpose.

Love is, as Dr. Martin Luther King said, "somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality." Yet, despite its fundamental importance, love remains misunderstood as some ineffable thing that somehow just happens. Too many of us also believe that love is not a serious answer to the profound, existential challenges we face as humans and humanity when it's actually the first, the last, and the most essential one.


In this inspiring and intellectually-rollicking talk, seekers and researchers discover how the origin, nature, and conscious purpose of love are revealed through the combined insights of scientists, religious and spiritual thinkers, philosophers, and the stories of people from diverse cultures, places, and ages!


With four key understandings, explorers will delight in revealing a unified field theory of love, learning its essential role in consciousness and its nature as an intentional, creative force connecting everything and everyone. Join me on this adventure, full of inspiration, story, wisdom, and humor!



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"Scotte's knowledge, experience, and passion just blew us away. He's one of the smartest people I've ever met, but what was really amazing was his ability to put it all together with humor, a sense of adventure, and a genuine love for teaching and learning. Everyone came away feeling a little 'bigger!"

Mike Munier, former VP, Colorado League of Charter Schools

"Brace yourself for a powerful and enlightening experience with Scotte. As a speaker, he captivates his audience with his unique blend of humor and insightful wisdom. His intelligence and genuine caring nature are evident in everything he does, leaving a lasting impact on all who hear him."

Dr. Jeane M. Rhodes, psychologist and author of The Birth of Hope

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Testimonial - Bebe Alexander.jpg

I was really moved by the depth of his insights and thought-provoking ideas. If you're searching for a speaker who can bring intelligence, inspiration, and a dash of humor to the stage, look no further than Scotte Burns. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

Bebe Alexander, Program Coordinator, Arvada Center for The Arts and Humanities

"Scotte Burns is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. With his unique ability to blend humor and adventure into his presentations, Scotte takes his listeners on an enlightening journey that leaves them feeling enriched and fulfilled. If you're searching for a speaker who brings genuine love and energy to the stage, then look no further than Scotte Burns. You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee you that."

Dr. Reve Abara, Director of the Center for Spiritual Counseling and Therapy

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